Coming this weekend . . .

SOS opens this weekend.  You may remember last September we did the first SOS event with an amazing show of support from the community.  The WK Community was the top supports of the event and so naturally they asked us back.  We have several wonderful things releasing for this event.  (Pictured below)

Both the Wild Dogs and Big Cats can use these items.

Lynx SOS 2017

This animal is available for all and 100% of the donations goes to MFS~Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors without Boarders.

For those of you that love the Ultra Rare Items you won’t want to miss this one. This OOAK is very special.  Sweet Tooth is a Female Liger with not one but two new traits.  These traits are not exclusive to this animal but they are the first of them to be released and will not come in randomly but you may see them again on other special animals.

Sign Set

All but the species and the fur will pass.  It will act as a Amur Tiger.

The SOS Event runs from March 18th thur to April . We have a very special community auction scheduled for March 25th at approximately 10 AM SLT we will have more on that later in the week.

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