SOS Recap

The SOS – Doctors with out Borders Event was amazing.  As always the animals went over without any hitches. I hope those that bought the SOS Lynx are enjoying there new smaller wild cats.

We had a few first this time with Big Cats in the fashion show. So many new people got to see our cats strutting around with some very elegant models.

The Cats brought in 360,000K

The community auction brought in 86,000K

The most adorable of cats went to a very special breeder with such an amazingly caring heart. The generosity of Vendetta Breedables knows know bounds as this is not the first of the OOAKs that they have purchased in support of the Charities we support.

Many of you know the breeder behind Vendetta Breedables but if you have not gotten a chance to meet him you should make sure to say hello  ϮƝЄƠ ƬӇЄ0ƝЄ ƔЄƝƊЄƬƬƛϮ (oeNNeo Resident).  Their generosity has brought a lot of attention to WK Wild Kajaera and we greatly appreciate their devotion to WK and the community at large.

The OOAK – One of a Kind went for 300,000Ls.

Again thank you to all that participated and helped to raise so much money for such a wonderful cause.

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