Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

The MomsLove Eyes will randomly drop today and finish up tomorrow around 8 AM

Due to the total number of TigerMomsLove eye already on the grid we have made a new version of this eye it is TigerMomsLove2 also new this year is the LynxMomsLove.

In addition to the Eyes in honor of the day we have not one but two special bears for you.  One is scaled to that of the Tiny Teddy’s these are real designed for the baby scales the runts and the smaller scales of the existing animals as well as the new Little Varmints. The bigger animals will also use them and don’t dispare they are not a choking danger to them.

The other is our larger teddy these are perfect for the larger scales but are very cute when a small one will grab it too.

These can be found at the either WKU sim or the Crystal River store.

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