Understanding Little Varmint Breeding –

Understanding Little Varmint Ferret Breeding –

Ferret Breeding is a bit different than the other WK Animals – in the sense that the breeding is ancestral base with little random added in. Randomly introduced traits have been reduced and will more likely come from specialty animals.

The various parts of the animal are primarily coming from its background. The more pure you can breed the background to be, the more you can unlock with in that strain.

The almighty LEVEL in the Little Varmint Ferrets is more of a marker for breeders but plays little to no effect on what the animal will bring in. The background of the animal is really much more IMPORTANT then that of its level.

Lets take a look at the various trait workings will use eye color as an example.

If a Female has example
1 Sunrise
1 Merlot
1 Red
2 Wine
1 Neon Blue
1 Midnight

Any of these Eye colors can come out of this animal we are looking at.

If the desire is to pull out the eye color of Wine as it is the strongest in this animal you may want to find a male with similar Wine eyes or more. This will raise the probability of it passing.

You may want to bring out the Neon Blue Eye, you want to look for an animal with more Neon Blues, it will be possible to pull it out, but it will be a lower probability.

What is Strain?

Strain is the color family of the fur. The fur, like the eyes coming primary from the ancestry but there is one big change here.

The more pure the line of furs, the more ability you have to bring in a new fur within that strain. This could be due to the fact that you have a combination that will bring in a new look. For example:
If I have a Champagne Fur with a mask face marking white mitten on its left foot and another mask face marking with no mitten I might be able to move that mitten to the right foot. If I then take the left and right and put them together I can get a full mask face marking white mitten animal.

Whiskers –

Whiskers will come in various colors as time goes on. The first color whisker set that will come in will be in the WOW, Last Litter animal. Yes its a little ways off but that Last Litter Animal will bring in several new things based on its color. More on that in a bit.

Whiskers are animated on the Little Varmints and come in 5 lengths from Tiny, Trim, Medium, Long and Extra Long. The color they currently are is white.

Tails –

Come in 5 sizes Tiny, Small, Medium, Long and Extra Long and are introduced through ancestry of an animal.

Ears –

Come in 8 different shapes Wiggly, Dented, Squared, Saggy, Bitten, Squeezed, Perfect and Flappy. These are also introduced through the ancestry of an animal or specialty animals.

Aura –

Aura is in many colors and will come in via the WOW, last Litter Animal Chance. WK will keep the various colors under wraps at the moment. However, the first one to come in will be Rosey to go with the Cotton Candy themed animal.
Scale –

Scale for Runt and Mini work like the other animals on the second and third litter. Large, Extra Large and Extremes will come in via special releases of Sanctuary animals.


Will be adding this to the WK 101 Class under general information.

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