News on the Mustangs

The Mustangs are coming along nicely. They are more exceeding our expectations.

Taking a closer look at Mustangs, in general, when we researched them we found that they were about 14 or 15 hands tall. If you don’t know what this means let me explain.  Hands is a unit of measure that the Horse world uses to convey the height of the horse.

Height of Horses

Horse Hights in real life – Horse Hights in SL may vary .

From the ground up to the withers are what is used to measure a Mustang as the head can move up or down. Most men’s hands across the knuckles are roughly 4 inches. Back in the day ranchers would use their hands sideways to count how tall a horse was.  Now our Mustangs may not be exact to size but we are using this measurement to indicate the scale or size of the Mustang.

The Mustangs also have personalities. This is what we’re working on now. This is the part of the Mustangs that is the part that you can do while you’re waiting for babies.  We know that many breeders won’t worry so much about training them, as there is no trait value to a personality.  Personalities are very important to horses as they are not all the same.  Before you can get a Wild Mustang trained to be able to ride them you have to earn their trust. You cant expect to jump on and ride a Wild Mustang.  Before you can really get into training there is a pre-training part. Pre-train starts at the age of 3 days. Trying to get them to eat a treat from your hand is how pre-training is done. No more than 4 treats per day we don’t want them to have too many treats or they will become spoiled. It’s been a joy to watch them as they try to figure out if they can trust you.

Training the horse can be done by both the owner of the Mustang and the keeper of the Mustang.  There is a limit on how much training can be done per day 2 30 Minute sessions per horse once the pre-training has been met, this is to not overwork the horse or the trainer.  As this information is being tracked we are looking at making a registry for the trainers. This is a feature that may be developed after release just depending on the need of the breeders.



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