WK Turns 9 !!

WK has been around for 9 years. Where has the time gone. It has been a wonderful experience to bring to your SL world a wide variety of animals.

We have chosen to mark the occasion with two LIMITED EDITION exclusive Fur/Coat Animals. These animals come with NEW Eyes as well and a few other things unique to the species.

You may find these at the WK Region http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/118/119/22

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!!

We would like to start this year out on a positive so we have a brand new tool for you on the website.  We adapted the Animal Totals to include food.  This will take the calculation on how long will the food you have last and give you a warning in the way of color changing.  If anything is going to run out in 10 days with the current amount of animals it will turn yellow. If you are within 7 days of supply running out it turns red. Allowing you time to get into the game and add food to your dishes.

You can find this feature on all the various animal types. It is located on the dashboard on the right-hand side.

We have one more update for Big Cats- to the MOOG unit for animals/sack under the all you can now MOOG by all Species and Breed or just Species.  Warning – You must rezz out all the animals given to you if you select for example Tiger – Amur to not get any crossovers before you go back and select Tiger – Sumatran.  If you don’t you can trigger a confusion on your MOOG and may need to have your MOOG-bits as we call them reset.

New Years Eyes will continue to drop in until Jan 2 roughly midday SLT.

In Big Cats, you have the Eye DogYear-2018

In Wild Dogs, you have Lunar Jan 1 2018

In Little Varmints, you have Ultra Violet 2018 (This is said to be the color of the year for 2018)

In Wild Mustangs, you have LoveStruck 2018 (This was named the flower of the year for 2018)

We wish you all a wonderful year to come and look forward to sharing in it with you.

New Years Day Eyes 2018

Santa Hits Traffic

All the WK animals are gazing upwards today and can’t believe the sight that they saw. You can see for yourself reflected in the eye of some of the babies being born starting this morning and running through the 26th morning.

Santa Hits Traffic – Chritsmas EYEs 2017

The Eye is available on all animals.

We do hope you have a wonderful holiday and have less traffic then Santa appears to be hitting on your holiday travels.


Spoiler Alert

For those of you going for the last litter WOW Wild Mustang, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what it will look like.

White WOW_001

We were able to catch a glimpse of this wonderful animal in its winter wonderland.  It is a very pretty Mustang with its shoulder-length mane.  We won’t give the full traits as not to ruin all the surprise but just a sneak peek.

Happy Breeding to you All

Last Litter WOWs are a chance added on your mustangs last litter.  In keeping things rare this is just an added chance.  Not all last litters will result in one.

New Scale Discovered

Horses in real life have an unlikely chance of carrying twins to full term and usually ends in the death of the second foal.  However, this is Second Life and we can enjoy something that we can’t get in the real life.  We don’t like the idea of foals dying so we made the rule that they would not die but would have a chance of an extra small horse. The small horse would have the hand height of 11 hands.  This is also a great size for our child avatars as a mini horse would be.

It is a rare chance to get twins and it is a rare chance in the chance to get an 11 Hand Mustang.

Update Mustangs – 1.0.7

This Mustang update fixes training treats issues that arise with the 1.0.3. update.

The hover text will show an indication of the Mustangs Training.

If confidence is between 0 – 6 you will have no symbol above the name

If confidence is between 6.25 – 8.75 you will have a single *

If confidence is between 9 – skill level 0 you will have a double **

If training Skill is 1 or greater will show ☆, ☆☆, ☆☆☆, ☆☆☆☆, or ☆☆☆☆☆.

For those that ran into training issues, we will continue to work on getting them to where they should have been.



Training Treat HELP

If you’re struggling with the Training Treats and getting a bit frustrated, we would like to let you know we are here to assist.  Some of the issues we have seen with users having are two things.

First the basic things Mustangs must be age 3 and motion set to ON.

Second ONLY have ONE treat per Owner/Keeper/Training rezzed out at a time.  The Treat gives you a wear me. It is paired with the one that gave it to you.  By Rezzing and using at the same time you keep your inventory fairly clean.  Make sure to delete the wear me after the Mustangs eats the treat.  IF you need to take a break and start over MOOG a fresh one to make sure you have good communication.

It can take about 20 minutes in between each success.

Happy Training

Training Treats

Training Treats are available at the WK Sim for your Mustangs.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/216/48/22

The treats come in four varieties and you may find that your equines like one flavor over another.  They will enjoy all of them but as with any pet, you may find them to have a favorite treat.

These treats are sold in sets of 20 to a purchase.  There will be 1 in the creat with the directions and the other 19 in your MOOG.  They can be used on Mustangs of age 3 or older, and are used to gain your Mustangs trust.  The motion of your animal needs to be set to on.

WM Training Treats

Wild Mustangs

The Wild Mustangs have been let loose on the grid.  We are pleased to not only bring you another wonderful Breedable animal but another animal with very lifelike animation and behavior.

In addition to the standard foods of WK Hay (Pet Food), WK Oats ( Breeding Food) and WK Salt (Happy Food) we are introducing a set of Training Treats.  Training Treats are purely optional and have no effect on the horse breeding.  Training Treats are used to gain your mustangs trust.  You may have noticed that the personality is listed in your animal’s stats this can be an indication of how easy the horse may be able to train. Don’t worry however all mustangs are trainable. If you look up your animals setting you will see the break down of the mustangs personality.  Confidence, Curiosity, Temperament, and Willingness.  You know your completed the trust building section when your confidence has reached 9.  The curiosity will gain after each treat eaten making them more interested in taking the next treat.  Willingness and Confidence raise with each successful treat though they can only eat 4 treats a day as they would get a tummy ache otherwise.

There are so many wonderful coats/furs for you to find there are several ways to unlock new furs. Will get to this in class and in another post.  In the crates, you will find 5 of the color strains, PalominoGray, Paint, Bay, CreamSpirit and Chestnut.  The Eyes that came out with the crated Mustangs are GreenApple, Brown, and PurpleFusion.  There are many more traits to list but you will want to stop by and check them out for yourself.

Class will be held on Saturday at 11 stop by for more information. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/222/44/3503

News on the Mustangs

The Mustangs are coming along nicely. They are more exceeding our expectations.

Taking a closer look at Mustangs, in general, when we researched them we found that they were about 14 or 15 hands tall. If you don’t know what this means let me explain.  Hands is a unit of measure that the Horse world uses to convey the height of the horse.

Height of Horses

Horse Hights in real life – Horse Hights in SL may vary .

From the ground up to the withers are what is used to measure a Mustang as the head can move up or down. Most men’s hands across the knuckles are roughly 4 inches. Back in the day ranchers would use their hands sideways to count how tall a horse was.  Now our Mustangs may not be exact to size but we are using this measurement to indicate the scale or size of the Mustang.

The Mustangs also have personalities. This is what we’re working on now. This is the part of the Mustangs that is the part that you can do while you’re waiting for babies.  We know that many breeders won’t worry so much about training them, as there is no trait value to a personality.  Personalities are very important to horses as they are not all the same.  Before you can get a Wild Mustang trained to be able to ride them you have to earn their trust. You cant expect to jump on and ride a Wild Mustang.  Before you can really get into training there is a pre-training part. Pre-train starts at the age of 3 days. Trying to get them to eat a treat from your hand is how pre-training is done. No more than 4 treats per day we don’t want them to have too many treats or they will become spoiled. It’s been a joy to watch them as they try to figure out if they can trust you.

Training the horse can be done by both the owner of the Mustang and the keeper of the Mustang.  There is a limit on how much training can be done per day 2 30 Minute sessions per horse once the pre-training has been met, this is to not overwork the horse or the trainer.  As this information is being tracked we are looking at making a registry for the trainers. This is a feature that may be developed after release just depending on the need of the breeders.