Mustang Portal Update

We have Updated the Mustage Portal page to have a new feature located in the lower left-hand corner of the dashboard called Trainer 4 Hire. This is where you can look for someone who may be interested in helping you train your Mustangs. The list is sorted by the experience of a trainer.  To get on this list all you must do is go to your account tab and check Show Exp. by double-clicking on the line and bring up the edit window. You will need to contact them in world to discuss your needs, WK is only providing a way for you to see who may be interested.

The Mustang Stats both in world and on the Web has also been updated to show the Skill and confidence in the stats of the animal.  This will affect the animal your looking at trait count as well but will not be shown in that of its parents.  The more you train your Mustang the more traits you can earn for your animal up to an additional 6 points.  Training has no effect in the breeding part and is not shown on the parent of the animals when checking them in world.


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