Christmas Stuff

Much has been going on this holiday season we have many new items out for you in this first wave of release.

New Toys for all the animals are able to be found in Santas Work Shop located on the WKU Sim.  New this year is a dolly, a nutcracker, a star ball a funny mustache carry toy.  We hope the toys continue to bring you joy and laughter as you watch your animals.

We have released a Pair of Panthers one male one female and a special Timber Wolf. Each of these is special in their own way. The Big Cats Fur will pass something similar with a different nose and the parent has a new fur as well.  The Wolf has parents with undiscovered furs that will pass but the white will not pass.  The eye will as will the wolves other traits.

WK XmasTimberWolf 2017 FixWKXmasJag Blue2017WKXmasJag Purple2017WK MooseWK Toy SoliderWK DollyWK MustacheWK Star Ball

Will be available until after the first of the year.

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