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Isn’t it exciting!! WK is 5 years in SL. We love our community and every minute we have spent with you.
WK will celebrate Sunday, January 28th. DJ’s playing music, taking requests, 12 raffles for the most loved toys for WK animals and lest we forget our fantastic Anniversary/ birthday Limited edition animals!!

WK 5th Birthday Mustang.png


WK 5th Birthday Ferret.png

WK 5th Birthday Lion.png
The raffle will draw around 6 P.M. SLT Sunday, January 28th. You do not need to be there to win, but we sure hope you will be.
Come meet people you have only spoken to in our groups. Dance to all kinds of music. Enjoy a fun day.

Animals will go on sale Sunday and stay on sale for 1 week.

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