Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Randomly dropping today and tomorrow. Are The Irish 2018 eyes.

The Irsih 2018.png

From all of us at WK we hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

  1. I always see these but how do you get them on …..say a wolf??? Is that what their for? I have 2 wolves. AnniMae01 is my SL name. How would I get the eyes onto them??

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    • These eyes are random drops which mean babies born within that time frame have a chance of being born with the eye. Eyes come out around most holidays so planning for a baby to be born that time is fairly easy to do. Getting the eye is of course just a chance so that’s not so easy to do. Once in the animal, it will pass so another way to get it is to find one with it and breed to it to make the animal you want.

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