Wild Dog Fair Results

The Wild Dog Fair results sorry for the delay. It was a very exciting event and the winners are as follows;

Overal Trait Category For a Wild Dog 

In 1st place with 64 Traits

Leia (LoreleiLynn Easterwood)  ID ~ 226079

Pσσρieℳarie Pιχєℓѕ (BabyPoopie Resident) ID ~ 226173

In 2nd place with 60 Traits 

BB2point0 Resident ID ~ 231449

In 3rd Place with 63 Traits

Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich) ID ~ 219424

Overal Trait Category For a Wild Dog with a complete leg set

In 1st place with 56 Traits

Kyle24680 Resident ID ~ 226334

In 2nd place, 55 Trait

BlueIceWaya Xeltentat ID ~ 225709

In 3rd place with 54 Traits 

Fhederica Resident ID ~ 234184

Eye and Ears Category 

In 1st place with a tie of 30 Trait points

Princess Tiaret ID ~ 171190

Kugal Resident ID ~ 229542

In 2nd Place, with 29 Traits

AutumArchangel Resident ID ~ 235385

In 3rd place, with 28 Trait points

Tenshi Dinzel ID ~ 224138

Zeva Firecaster ID ~ 234239

Rayven Avalira ID ~ 233763

Halomoon Fairey ID ~ 234275

Tails and Teeth Category 

In 1st place with a 3-way tie of 18 Traits point

Tok Renilo ID ~ 221818

goldenhart Resident ID ~ 161449

Chatte Ocello ID ~ 232785

In 2nd Place, with 17 Traits

Poison Tigerfish ID ~ 230441

In 3rd place, with 16 points

Shelbi Charman ID ~ 223152

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