Little Varmint Results

This was a very small fair – we hope next time more will participate.  As several entered each category but could only win from one.

Overal Trait Category 

In 1st place with  43 Traits

Kechara Kirax ID ~ 18502

In 2nd place, 42 Traits

GeoOrion3 Resident ID ~ 18358

In 3rd place with 40 Traits 

AutumArchangel Resident ID ~ 15749

goldenhart Resident ID ~ 17543

Eye and Ears Category 

In 1st place. 20 Traits 

Fhederica Resident ID ~ 17861

In 2nd Place, 19 Traits

Erick Reardon ID ~ 15699

In 3rd place, with 18 points

Zeva Firecaster ID ~ 18131

Tails and Whiskers Category 

In 1st place, with 10 Traits

Tok Renilo ID ~ 15102

In 2nd place, 6 Traits

Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich) ID ~ 13745

Aura, Shine and Scale Category

In Ist place, 11 Traits

Ph0enix Nightfire ID ~ 18562


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