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The WK Breeders Challenge – – – 

If you like a challenge we have one for you. We would like to see how many of you can come up with a specific set of traits on an animal.  You may not have all these traits in your breeding line but they are all out there.

Rules –  The animals must have an ID greater than the ID listed here. The animal must not have been transferred to you.  You may win up to two times.

BIG CATS —- ID greater than 2150528

Various traits for the Big Cats


Jaguar….. Chestnut~Pink Nose…Buenos Aires~PinkSpotted Nose…..Sedona~Pink Nose ……Cachimbo~PinkSpotted Nose

Cougar…..Golden Ridge~Rose Nose…Curry~Pink Nose…Nutmeg~Natural Nose

Tiger…… Lampung~Black Nose…..Blood Orange~Salmon Nose…..Sanya~Black Nose ……..Changde~Speckle Nose……..Jakarta~Speckled

Cheetah…Gaborone~Pink Nose…..Roodepoort~Pink Nose

Lion….. Batna~Natural Nose……Bizana~Copper Nose……Nola~Salmon Nose

Leopard…Kuan~Copper Nose… Hohhot~red nose

Lynx………. Cuenca~Salmon Nose

Eyes…….. Citrine …

Ears…..Worn Little, Worn Big, Worn…either side

Tail… Bent

Teeth….. Missing Long

Whiskers… Bent

You have until the BigCats Autumn Festival to breed for the combination. The Cats will be put on display throughout the Autumn Festivals which start on October 20th with the Wild Mustangs followed by the Little Varmints and the Wild Dogs before the final Big Cat Autumn Festival starting on the November 10. This Breeders Challenge will end on November 9th.  Animals must be live on display at the Big Cats Challenge to be awarded its winning prize.

If you have gotten a combination set your animal up in the Breeders Challenge area of the Autumn Festival on display. Prizes will be awarded by the end of the Challenge.

Prizes to win –

If you have all 6 Traits, you win 5 Pregnancy Vitamins.

If you have only 5 Traits, you win 4 Pregnancy Vitamins.

If you have only 4 Traits, you win 3 Pregnancy Vitamins.

If you have only 3 Traits, you win 2 Pregnancy Vitamins.

If you have only 2 Traits, you win 1 Pregnancy Vitamins.

Will have more about the Autumn Festival in the next few days until then happy breeding.

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