Coming up in October

We have lots to look forward to in October. It is traditional for WK to release Halloween Eyes that randomly drop throughout the month so what for these.

WK brings back the Summer Fair as an Autumn Festival.  They will start mid-October with the Wild Mustang, Little Varmint, Wild Dogs, and Big Cats.

In addition, we will have CE/LEs to look forward to. We have some very special animals for you. The difference between a CE and an LE is fairly simple. A Collectors Edition (CE) will pass all its traits the coat/fur will be a very similar version with a different nose. The Limited Edition (LE) has a coat/fur that will not pass but all other traits will pass.  Each of our special animals will try to introduce a trait or two that have not been seen before as well as bring back some that were introduced as exclusive traits in our earlier days.

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