Autumn Festival

The Autumn Festival is a great time to show off your breeding.

First, up for the Autumn Festival will be the Wild Mustang. This is a trait contest. LE’s, CE’s and Sanctuaries are not allowed.  Animals entered in the Summer Fair should not be entered in the Summer Festival. A few changes to this go round different categories so check them out and the rules.

You may enter all categories but you may only win in one. There must be at least 10 unique breeders in each category for judging to take place.

Wild Mustang Set up is Sunday the 28 cut off is Monday the 29th at 8 PM.

Categories for the Wild Mustang are going to be.

  • Highest Overall Trait Total.
  • Highest Overall Trained Trait Total. Training stars of 4 or higher.
  • Manes, Eyes, and Scale.
  • Ears, Coat, and Tail.
  • Aura, Shine, and Strain.

Little Varmint Set up is Sunday 4 cut off is Monday the 5th at 8 PM

Categories for the Little Varmint are going to be.

  • Highest Overall Trait Total
  • Ear, Aura, and Tail.
  • Eye and Eye Glow, Whiskers, and Scale.

Wild Dogs Set up is Sunday 11 cut off is Monday the 12th at 8 PM

Categories for the Wild Dogs are going to be.

  • Highest Wolf Trait Total with out a leg set
  • Highest Overall Trait Total with a leg set
  • Highest Fox Trait Total with out a leg set
  • Teeth, Tongue, and EarText/Shape
  • Eye, Scale, and Tail Text/Shape

Big Cats Set up is Sunday 18 cut of is Monday the 19th at 8 PM

Categories for the Big Cats are going to be.

  • Highest Trait Total Overall
  • Highest Hybrid Trait Total (Only category for hybrids)
  • Fur, Eye, and Teeth
  • Ear, Whiskers, and Shine
  • Glow, Tail and Scale

Prizes will be food split among the winners of each category.

Categories have a portion total that will be split if there is more than one winner.

  • 6000 portions of food for 1st
  • 5000 portions of food for 2nd
  • 4000 portions of food for 3rd

Rules –

  • Animal your entering MUST NOT have been entered before in any Festival.
  • Can only win in one category per system.
  • Must not have been passed to you, you must have been the breeder of the animal.
  • Animal must be live.
  • Each Category must have a minimum of 10 entrants that have not won in other categories.
  • All Entrants will receive 1 Participation Gift per category.
  • Store Logos may be displayed near the animal to advertise where the animal came from. These must be small and not over powering or they will be returned.
  • Cut off times are firm make sure to set up early.  Make sure you do not MOOG your animal if the animal is missing by the next Saturday it will be disqualified.

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