Wild Dog Autumn Fair Results

The Wild Dog Fair had some amazing animals in it and it was a joy to see them all.  We had several repeat winners but as they can only win in one category it did allow for more winners with not as high.

The Winning results are.

In with a Complete Leg Set are;

First Place 

  • Aros Armsted (Kyle24680 Resident) ID – 244928

Second Place

  • Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich) ID – 245874
  • Fhederica Resident ID – 237684

Third Place

  • Jirra Gamai (CyberGod Fafler) ID -246112
  • Tia Armsted (Princess Tiaret) D 220261

Wolf Total Traits

First Place 

  • uиα Ɓℓεѕѕεđ αđεѕ (LisaLisa Galaxy) ID – 247586
  • ღBlueIceWayaღƝƖƓӇƬƑƖƦЄღ (BlueIceWaya Xeltentat) ID – 245935

Second Place

  • Pσσρiearie Pιχєℓѕ (BabyPoopie Resident) ID -244222

Third Place

  • Ƭσк Ƒαℓℓєη (Tok Renilo) ID – 235293
  • Misery Carter ID – 243134

Fox Total Traits

First Place 

  • Ąυէυɱ Ąяçђąŋɠєℓ (AutumArchangel Resident) ID – 247254

Second Place

  • ღNαɲα Çαгȋɲȼ™ღ (nanagirl75 Resident) ID – 245548

Third Place

  • Kyndyl D’Morgann (Kody Morgwain) ID – 240646

Eye, Scale and Tail Highest Trait

First Place 

  • 1968 Charger RT (68RTLover Resident) ID – 246369

Second Place

  • LαSσмвяα C. DαшпHεαят (SomberKnight Resident) ID – 244731

  • Dҽҽ ƑąӀӀҽղ (Sunndee1 Resident) ID – 246665

Third Place

  • Devin McKenzie (goldenhart Resident) ID – 169543

Teeth, Tongue and Ears Highest Trait

First Place 

  • Leia (LoreleiLynn Easterwood) ID – 234286

Second Place

  • Shiney (Shaniny Resident) ID 242007

Third Place

  • Wolfy Knight (WolfyKnight1042 Resident) ID – 244266


Congratulations to all.

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