WK Christmas Cat

The Christmas Cat has been a bit shy but we have finally coaxed them out to show off their new shape. The Leopard who is closely related to the Jaguar has undergone a transformation and packed on a few more muscles. The Leopard is now shaped more like that of a Snow Leopard and the new shape will effect all the Leopards as soon as the release is finished up. The new version 2.9.6 is the version to have this new Leopard look and we are very excited to release this animal.

The Leopard has a new Whisker shape as well as the new size to the ear. It’s parents are level 4 and also part of the Snow family each of the parents have a different eye so you will have all 3 of the Holiday Eyes.

Please feel free to stop by and give a warm welcome to this beautiful cat. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/118/122/23

2 thoughts on “WK Christmas Cat

  1. Seems like it’ll be confusing for breeders & secondary market to have 2 Christmas LE eyes with the same exact name. We already have a Christmas Star eye from the 2013 Christmas Magic RFL Jag. Not sure why the same name would be used again.

    • Yes for the BigCats this maybe confusing. We did not catch the duplicate name as this years eyes first appeared in the Wild Mustangs. The Christmas Star from the 2013 was what the image inspired as did the ChristmasStar 2018, we did try adding the year to the end but it truncates we could try adding the ending -J or -LP to indicate the location in which it originated in the cat system.

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