Happy Birthday WK

WK Celebrates 6 years today. We officially released our animals 6 years ago of course not all on the same day. The Big Cats have continued to develop and learn new things through out the years. They play with more toys they interact with each other in new and exciting ways when allowed to roam around.

This year the BIG CAT Birthday animal is a Cheetah and it is the first time a Cheetah has been used as the Birthday CE. The CE offers you 3 exclusive furs, and 3 exclusive eyes. Exclusive meaning that they will not come in randomly and will only come from the CE that has them in their ancestry. If they trait passes on to the next animal the trait will continue to move through the line than as any other trait does. You can pass the traits on to other Big Cat Species.

The Cheetah is a Mammoth of a CAT with its Brand NEW Scale.

You can get yours here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/117/125/23

Feel free to choose the sex of the cat you want. 🙂

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