Welcome to April

This April we have many wonderful things planned for you. The first up is the Autism Awareness Cougar – like many with Autism the WK Autism Awareness Cougar has is very unique. It has parents that have a beautifully unique furs as well, all bringing awareness to those that may be slightly different to you but who should have a place in the community as well. It is our hope that you will all love these Cougars as much as you love the others.

In addition to the Cougar we have two toys available with a special design that will only be available in April as well. The first is the Skateboard sporting a flashy new design and the 2019 year. The second are two cute FunnyBunny’s with the puzzle patten and come in pink and purple.

All these will be available at the WKU Toy Center.

Second up this month the Wild Dogs Wolves will be able to breed with Wild Dog Foxes. This will allow traits from the foxes to move to the wolves and the wolves to move to the fox. There are just a few final tweaks that we have to do to that involves the various tails.

Later in the month we will be placing out the Easter Bunny Try Out Lion he is adorable and very special but do not worry there will not be lions with Bunny Ears running about the ears will not pass. They will only be available on the Designer Collection.

From Good Friday to Easter Monday AM there will be a randomly dropping eye for the holiday with a spring design is still under construction so stay tuned.

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