Spring Time Mustang

What will Pass? We heard this many times over the last few days. Mustang version 1.7.5 has the new mane and tail shapes these shapes can pass. The Textures do not. The Aura will. The personality will. When we say will we mean that they have a chance just like any other trait to move on to the offspring.

We have also heard what should I breed it with? We will give you some ideas. The WOW White would be a good one as it may add the chance of another White with a different nose similar to how the furs in the Big Cats work. Any of the WarPaints are also a good idea as this may bring out a new WarPaint Marking. Another idea is bring out new mane colors If you have a favorite color of the mane and would like to see it on this new style breed Spring Time with any male with that mane. You may have a chance of putting the shape and the color together.

Happy Breeding :))

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