Big Cat Update 3.8.5

This is the long awaited for update that includes the chance for breeders to get the Wildcat. The Wildcat is a hybrid and it is the WILDEST of all the hybrids as many different combinations of breeding cats can produce this animal.

These are the existing combination ~

Liger –
Tiger Female and a Lion Male
Tigon –
Lion Female and a Tiger Male
Jager –
Tiger Female and a Jaguar Male
Tiguar –
Jaguar Female and a Tiger Male
Cheegar –
Cougar Female and a Cheetah Male
Coutah –
Cheetah Female and a Cougar Male
Jagon –
Lion Female and Jaguar Male
Laguar –
Jaguar Female and Lion Male
Leonx –
Lynx Female and Leopard Male
Lypard –
Leopard Female and Lynx Male
Cougar Female and Tiger Male
Tigger –
Tiger Female and Cougar Male

While these combinations will trigger a CHANCE at getting the Wildcat

Tiger – Cheetah
Tiger – Leopard
Tiger – Lynx
Jaguar – Cougar
Jaguar – Lynx
Jaguar – Leopard
Jaguar – Cheetah
Cougar – Lion
Cougar – Leopard
Cougar – Lynx
Cougar – Jaguar
Cheetah – Lion
Cheetah – Tiger
Cheetah – Jaguar
Cheetah – Leopard
Cheetah – Lynx
Lion – Cheetah
Lion – Cougar
Lion – Leopard
Lion – Lynx
Leopard – Lion
Leopard – Cheetah
Leopard – Cougar
Leopard – Jaguar
Leopard – Tiger
Lynx – Tiger
Lynx – Jaguar
Lynx – Lion
Lynx – Cheetah
Lynx – Cougar

The furs of this species are a blending of all species and may or may not look like its parent species.

There are a few other updates in this version that you may or may not be aware of. Under the Text in the menu you have the option to choose what is shown in the hover text, or to turn the text on or off and this is in both live and sacks.

Our baby cats also get a new animation so if your cats are between the age of 1-3 they will sleep with there baby bottle and they will sit and drink there bottle until age 5.

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