Big Cat Furs

As many of you are aware that the big cat furs come with a nose variation.

It is away to keep the furs interesting. Most of the furs are now considered exclusive, which means to get the fur with the next nose you simply have to breed the current nose. A new nose is like a brand new fur the trait points are unique to the fur. Even if it is the same base fur, keep that in mind as you look around secondary market when buying a Nepal~Black Nose wont have the same trait points as a Nepal~Coral Nose.

Introduced in December 2019 and Early January 2020

Some of these Bengal furs came in via the Winter Family Sweater Tiger while others came in Via Random Drop Level. The Random Drop level is being closely watched and after a certain period in order to keep the furs rare they will no longer enter in through the random drop but may continue to pass via ancestry.

This past holiday we did add to the 5th Anniversary Lions as well and have found extra furs in the lion that have still not been discovered. When looking around there are actually 3 – 5th Anniversary Lion furs waiting to be found, Glory, Suntan and Swan. We have been asked to let the community know when furs are active and where they are placed as they are not always placed in the higher levels. With such a range of levels we agree that it is too difficult to know where to breed when you don’t have a plan. You will be able to get Glory at Level 13 Swan at level 20 and Suntan at level 28, if you breed the 5th Anniversary Lion at or near that level. Big Cats pull in traits from 1 level above, 1 level below and the same level.

As with all our breeds just because this list is shown to have a top find at level 28 does not mean that it stops there. WK is always adding furs to the breeds and looking for ways to trickle them in when they are made.

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