Easter Animals

Just like crates you wont know anything but the sex until you rezz them. The furs are only available for the sale period plus 3 days. After that the parents revert back to standard crated parents. This is a limited sale so get them while they are here.
A must have if you are a FewSpottedLeopard Fan

These are very special and on sale for only a limited time they will go off sale Monday morning. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/106/121/22

4 thoughts on “Easter Animals

    • All WK animals can have 10 litters or foalings, once they have had all 10 their text will go blue. At this time you can place the animal back on to pet food, or convert it to a forever pet, or send it off to the WK Sanctuary.

      • Can you convert them to a pet if you haven’t bred from them or must you breed them before you have that option?

      • You can forever Pet them at any time or age. Regardless of breedings. You can convert a pet back to a breeder if litters or foalings are left at any age as well.

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