WK Zebras

The Zebras have arrived joining the WK Wild Mustang Family. This release brings some changes to the Wild Mustangs as well as new features. For this reason users should MOOG to update their Mustangs.

Wild Mustangs – Mustangs and Zebras now have the market mode, MOOG options from both Low Prim and Market Mode.

Genetic changes – Reduction in the amount of animals included in the gene pool of the next animal. We removed the Great Grandparents from the gene pool, allowing for a more balance chance from random genes and ancestry genes.

Currently the Mustangs and the Zebras can breed together. This will allow you to move some of the traits from Mustangs to Zebras (like Scale) and Zebras to Mustangs (like Eye Glow). Some traits wont cross presently. Manes and Tails for example are species specific and will not directly cross. There will be a few Manes or Tails that, when combined, can produce something special to the WK Zebras if you mix them with WK Mustangs.

Current version is 2.1.0

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