WK and Firestorm

Once again WK is proud to participate in the Firestorms party events. This one is a holiday themed event party with some great SL Performers, ElvisAronPresley Lisa, then Keeba Tammas and Tiny Maniacs, then Annette Seranade.

What party would it be if there were not some fabulous gifts to take home.

now the party is on 4 region one is reserved for the performers and the others will have the dance floors and the gifts. All of SL is invited so expect some lag and do your part in reducing it by checking your Avatar complexity at the door and keeping it as low as you can or at least 300,000 or less.

There are 3 regions so try them all if one does not work.

Ghost Town

Dow Forest


These are forever pet animals and if you would like to convert them to full breedables you will unlock some very exclusive furs and eyes just from these beautiful animals and they can be found at the WK Region.

Jaguar Wild Thing Kit

Ferret Wild Thing Kit Works on the Hare as well which you can find over at the Shop N Hop

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