Water Horse

Thank you to all the breeders that have so far exchanged the waterhorse. It is every exciting and for them to breed with the exchanged animals, they look the same but the genetics in them is what was suppose to be there and a lot of possibilities that can come from them.

Do Fire and Water mix? Well here at WK we thought they should thanks to one breeders suggestion. There are a huge amount of the WK Firestorm Horses in peoples inventory that have yet to breed. We think its high time that they came out to see the light of day. Below you will find a visual chart to show you what and why. These are A + B = C combinations to try.

We will continue to work on various coats and mane tail combinations for you to enjoy in the future so stay tune.

If you have yet to exchange your water horse please do not delay all you will be doing is delaying time to get started on these beautiful animals as the originals do not have the correct genetics.

Once again thank you for your understanding.

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