Saying Goodbye is never easy but we hope you will join us and his friends at the Mountain Lion Club as we remember and honor Zod.

Its with great sadness that we say that Zod passed away earlier this month due to his illness. We at WK are mourning his loss, but more over we are remembering him. Not only was he a terrific CSR, with correct information, always going above and beyond. Zod was a constant source of trivia and comedy. He brightened our days with his positive spirit. The WK Community was a great distraction for Zod and we know you will all miss him as much as we do.
To say he will be missed is such an understatement.

There will be a Memorial Set this Saturday at 10 AM – Noon Feb the 20, 2021 to celebrate the life of Zod Colville at the Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park.

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