New Toys for RFL

RFL is well under way and WK has produced 4 new toys to go along with the team and the them of this years event. The Lion and the Fairy will fly about the land in a range searching out your WK animals and hovering near them as a companion. The Dragons are cuddle toys the animals love to carry about and to nap with.

For the last several years we have assisted the Dragon Spirit team this year it has a new name but still the same great people behind it. DragonsNightfall toy vendors can be found here. They work tirelessly to bring various events and items to the SL people to earn support for the RFL organization. The toys are also out at the WK Toy Center.

In addition to these wonderful toys Sunday the 11 of April at Noon we would like to invite you out to the Paint Ball Fight show to cheer on the WK Paintball Team. Stadium opens on Sunday

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event.

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