Big Cat Update 4.4.2

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Big Cat Update to 4.4.2
Wed, May 05 2021 9:57:59 AM PDT

This is an update that fixes –

  • Freezing issues in Wildcats
  • Keeper not showing in Low Prim
  • Adds SL Experience to the avatar animations – WK Experience MUST be enabled on the LAND
  • Improve Memory use to use less
  • Updater Improvement to use Range Say works best, Shout works good, Region not so good.

Happy Updating all MOOGs and Updaters have been updated

SL Experience – this is a really nice improvement Second Life (SL) has made with less clicks to make your world flows more naturally. It does need to be enabled in the land. To enable it grab an estate manager or owner as they are the ones that can do it. If you happen to be an estate manager or owner simple go to the about land and experience tab and choose Add, use WK Experience to search and select the one Owned by Queenfelinea. Once you have that added the animals will only ask you once from one animal if its ok to use this experience. All other animals will hear the answer and listen to the request. If the land does not have the WK Experience enabled they will use the existing way to animate.

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