If you are asking yourself that ? then you wont want to miss one of the classes that WK offers. This is a class for any of the people that enjoy role play. Anyone that love the WK Wild Dogs and want to bring a higher level of a bond between Avatar and Animal.

Your animal/animals become your weapon in a combat!

  • You have 3 huds on your viewer:
  • Your combat hud top left (add it) + meter (in this case SF) you wear (add) over your head
  • your battle weapon (sword in this case) hud middle down
  • your animal training / combat hud (now a weapon)
  • WK Wolves+Foxes combatting can best be summarized as:

“The beauty of this animal as a combat weapon is

  1. they can continue to fight even if you are down.
  2. if they die you can call in another one.
  3. they are another weapon along with the one you are using…”
    jaed Cartier
  • CLASSES:- all WK Classes are free to attend. Landmark for the class will be sent out about 30 minutes before class in the WK Support Group.

1 pm on Saturdays – Wolf & Fox RP Battle HUD Training
Instructor – KopiLuwak Diesel

1 on 1 instruction is also available – IM KopiLuwak Diesel

WK will be hosting a battle in the near future

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