Lion Pride

Welcome to Pride month for the year of 2021!

Our WK Lion ran through a rainbow river and was caught before he could clean it off. What a a special boy he is. The underlaying fur has a pair of muddy back lags as he is not able to get completely clean before it will pass. The True Colors will not pass it will pass a new fur. Rainbow Tip will also not pass. The furs in this trip of furs that can pass are a very pail set just a hint of color.

NEW Scale –

We are introducing a scale that is between Mini and Natural. If you are a fan of the Natural but not of the trait value then this trait might be just want your looking for not to be not to small but JUST right.

Pride Lion – Fur True Colors~Charcoal Nose, Eye Kaleido
Furs – True Color Lion, Rabat, Marrakash, Khartoun. Eyes – Kaleido, Kalos, Eidos.

You can find your WK Pride Lion here.

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