Website Item Page Updated

Do you suffer from a cluttered WK Items Page?

If the answer is yes then this Feature Enhancement is for you!! Time to clean out those empty dishes and declutter your items page. It will speed up your load time to the page and be much easier for you to see the items you want to see. MOOG will no longer send you the wrong empty item with a lower id just because it can.

Feature Enhancement to Items Web pages on the WK Portal

For some time your Big Cats Items page has several buttons to filter the data for various food and item types. The other animal sites now have this feature as well. We have also expands upon these filters to allow users to selectively delete empty dishes/items.
Note: Only Items with zero portions will be deleted. If you select an item that still has portions the system will not delete it.

Once on the Items page select a Food Items Button and you will see only that type of food. There are 3 new parts to this page a “Delete Selected Items” Button above the table, and a check box at the beginning of each row and a check All box in the header of the table.

To delete Food Items via the webPortal:

  1. Go to your Items tab in the WK Portal. By default, All Items are displayed.
  2. Select Pet Food, Breeding Food or Catnip/Happy/Happy Treats/Salt
  3. Check the box on the left of the Items you wish to delete. Multiple items can be selected. Or selected the ALL option and all but the items with food will be removed from your view.
  4. Click the “Delete Selected Items” button.
  5. Alert dialogs appear on the page.
  6. (Depending on your browser the following may vary but all work the same.)
  7. “NOTICE: Only items with no portions will be deleted!”. OK/Close – To make the window go away touch the word OK/Close
  • A second alert dialog will appear and report the number of Items deleted. OK/Close – To make the window go away touch the word OK/Close

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