Sci Fi Expo Opens 10/8

The Sci Fi Expo Opens the 8th of October and we are very excited to introduce a new strain for Wild Mustangs and Little Varmint Hares. They are droid version of the animals and may produce other colors or their own color. Several new toys as well everything from a neglected light saber that the animal will pick up and carry about to a sad robot toaster the animals keep stealing the toast from. We also have made some toy droids these droids are so cute and adorable that we have made so you can attach them to your avatar and take them for a walk. If left to roam they will run away from the animals as they chase them if caught they are played with like a ball.

To complete your own Sci Fi world we created a set of canister food items. These food items are refillable and will assist you in tracking your portions of food. Actual food is stored on the server.

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