BC Sanctuary Gets New Cats

The Big Cat Sanctuary is under revamp first focus was putting out new cats. Which to choose there are so many and which breed to do we could not decide on just one.

First up we have a beautiful Snow Leopard this Leopard has parents that have existing furs but with new nose version on the parents of the Exclusive Fur Snow leopard. New EYE colors on the parents and the animal.

Next up we have the Jaguar from the US, the Amur Tiger and the African Cheetah all with 3 new furs and 3 new eyes.

As if that was not enough we came up with a NEW BREED for the Lynx, Cougars and Lions. You may think you are seeing double as they do look similar to some of the other species but we are sure you will absolutely love what they are and what they will produce.

Hop on over to the Big Cat Sanctuary to see these,

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