WK Animesh

As we approach our 9th anniversary it is with lots of excitement that we bring you all up to speed on what the team has been working on. Animesh has hit the SL grid and while it is amazing and fun to work on it is unlike anything we have done to date. It was a struggle on deciding just what to do. Lets just say this is the first of what will be some very amazing animals. Animesh allows us to do those animals that the old styles just would not do nicely.

We decided on the African Elephant as the first animal to do.

We are very close to starting a beta test. If you sent a request watch out for a group invite. If you like to be in the beta contact Queenfeliena. We will be looking for testers that are familiar with the current WK Animals and the Portal. The Animals you test will not be kept the system will be cleared and reset before releasing. The time frame in testing may be altered from the live time frame. Live Discussions in the Beta Group for your feedback will encourage between the hours of 2 PM – 4 PM SLT or note cards sent to Queenfelinea at any time. We value you the feedback.

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