St Patricks Day Animals

There are so many amazing things with each of these animals where should we begin.

Starting at the top of course the Dire Wolf introduces a new strain of fur so you can make as many blankets as you may want with this little one. The markings on the underside may change of course.

The Elephant has a similar situation she can pass her blanket on to other Elephants through an AB combination or she may pass a none blanket skin version of herself.

The Tiger while the Amur has been around for a long time with us we all love it. This one you’re going to want to keep in the low level range and work it up as we have put some very nice things for you to find. We wont spoil it for you by telling you what exactly. Those new crated Tigers have a lot of new traits as well you may want to pick up a mate for clover.

These new crates will last past when the St Patrick’s Day animals come down. The St. Patrick’s Day animals will be available until the end of Day. or the very early parts of tomorrow. 🙂

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