WK Talicurres

It’s no secret that WK is working on another animesh animal. We are very excited about them.

Here is a short introduction them and why we chose them. You may be asking yourself what is a Talicurres? The name it self is an anagram minus the q from squirrel and cat. Pronounced Tal a short i sound and Curres like purrs.

Many of you have asked us to do squirrels and even more have asked us to do cats. Combining the two gives a bran new creature that is sure to delight you. Playful and energetic. These will be an amazing combination of the two! They will have sub breeds that may look more cat like. They are animesh and will share the same system as the Elephants which means they can share food with the elephants. They will have a breed cycle like the elephants 5 day heat gain 2.5 day pregnancy. Each litter will have a chance of 1 – 3 babies and the second offspring has a chance of a mini scale and the third offspring has a chance of either a runt or a mini scale.

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