Talicurres Arrive in Second Life!

The WK Wild Kajaera team is very proud to announce the release of something new and unique to Second Life, Talicurres!

From the land of Taliff, Talicurres resemble a Squirrel but with many Cat like features. In fact Talicurres is an anagram of Squirrel + Cat – q.
Talicurres are breedable up to 10 litters and any age but also make great animated pets. They can have one litter a week with up to three pups per litter.

The WK team has spent the last few months domesticating these wild animals and now offer groups of four, six or eight Talicurres starter packs at 20% discount for a limited time.
Each pack contains 1 Limited Edition (LE) only available during this introductory offer.

Get yours at the WK Store
or any of our affiliate vendors

List of vendors and links

Amis Breeds WK

Breedable Temple

Dream Mystic Fantasy


Huntress Breedable

I Love My Breedables

Minks Farm


Sun and Moon

Tali Ho

Unicorn Garden Breedable

WK Taliff

WK Toy Center

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