Halloween Animals are OUT

The Halloween special animals are out! You won’t want to miss them we have some very special traits releasing with them. A Shine in the Wild Mustangs and the Little Varmints and New Ears in the Big Cats and New Leg Set in the Wild Dogs, just to name a few of the traits.

You can find them at;




Coming up in October

We have lots to look forward to in October. It is traditional for WK to release Halloween Eyes that randomly drop throughout the month so what for these.

WK brings back the Summer Fair as an Autumn Festival.  They will start mid-October with the Wild Mustang, Little Varmint, Wild Dogs, and Big Cats.

In addition, we will have CE/LEs to look forward to. We have some very special animals for you. The difference between a CE and an LE is fairly simple. A Collectors Edition (CE) will pass all its traits the coat/fur will be a very similar version with a different nose. The Limited Edition (LE) has a coat/fur that will not pass but all other traits will pass.  Each of our special animals will try to introduce a trait or two that have not been seen before as well as bring back some that were introduced as exclusive traits in our earlier days.

It’s Almost Party Time

WK is so excited to release this limited edition Wild Mustang in honor of the Firestorms 8th birthday. Though it is a bit out of the norm for us as it is not a traditional looking horse, it was designed very specially for Firestorm.  If you choose to convert the animal to a breedable animal with the Wild Thing Kit it will not pass this beautiful flame coat. When converted to the breedable animal instead of the flames you will have the chance to pass the Black Dapple coat.  The mane and tail will pass something different as well but the rest of the traits of the animal will pass as normal.

The party kicks off today at 3 PM  you can read about it all here and get a landmark. http://www.firestormviewer.org/eighth-year-firestormers/


SOS opens Today

The festival that Spoonful of Sugar puts on for Doctors with Out Borders is a wonderful event and WK is very excited to be a part of it again.  We have several items on sale which makes a donation to them.

Please stop on by. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spoonful%20of%20Sugar/129/191/44



Up Next …..

The WK Breeders Challenge – – – 

If you like a challenge we have one for you. We would like to see how many of you can come up with a specific set of traits on an animal.  You may not have all these traits in your breeding line but they are all out there.

Rules –  The animals must have an ID greater than the ID listed here. The animal must not have been transferred to you.  You may win up to two times.

BIG CATS —- ID greater than 2150528

Various traits for the Big Cats


Jaguar….. Chestnut~Pink Nose…Buenos Aires~PinkSpotted Nose…..Sedona~Pink Nose ……Cachimbo~PinkSpotted Nose

Cougar…..Golden Ridge~Rose Nose…Curry~Pink Nose…Nutmeg~Natural Nose

Tiger…… Lampung~Black Nose…..Blood Orange~Salmon Nose…..Sanya~Black Nose ……..Changde~Speckle Nose……..Jakarta~Speckled

Cheetah…Gaborone~Pink Nose…..Roodepoort~Pink Nose

Lion….. Batna~Natural Nose……Bizana~Copper Nose……Nola~Salmon Nose

Leopard…Kuan~Copper Nose… Hohhot~red nose

Lynx………. Cuenca~Salmon Nose

Eyes…….. Citrine …

Ears…..Worn Little, Worn Big, Worn…either side

Tail… Bent

Teeth….. Missing Long

Whiskers… Bent

You have until the BigCats Autumn Festival to breed for the combination. The Cats will be put on display throughout the Autumn Festivals which start on October 20th with the Wild Mustangs followed by the Little Varmints and the Wild Dogs before the final Big Cat Autumn Festival starting on the November 10. This Breeders Challenge will end on November 9th.  Animals must be live on display at the Big Cats Challenge to be awarded its winning prize.

If you have gotten a combination set your animal up in the Breeders Challenge area of the Autumn Festival on display. Prizes will be awarded by the end of the Challenge.

Prizes to win –

If you have all 6 Traits, you win 5 Pregnancy Vitamins.

If you have only 5 Traits, you win 4 Pregnancy Vitamins.

If you have only 4 Traits, you win 3 Pregnancy Vitamins.

If you have only 3 Traits, you win 2 Pregnancy Vitamins.

If you have only 2 Traits, you win 1 Pregnancy Vitamins.

Will have more about the Autumn Festival in the next few days until then happy breeding.

Wild Mustang Fair Results

We had a wonderful turn out for the fair and the results of the various categories are as follows;

Overal Trait Category 

In 1st place, 37 Traits

HoneyJasmine Resident ID ~ 135258

In 2nd place, 34 Traits

sophavanh Resident ID ~ 135698

In 3rd place with 33 Traits (3 Way Tie)

lilsweets Resident ID ~ 131566

Sunshine Reinerman ID ~ 120178

TommyBoy Eternal ID ~ 134414

Overal Trait Category on a Trained 

In 1st place 33 Traits

Fhederica Resident ID ~ 128577

In 2nd place, 29 Traits

Sentinel Wunderlich ID ~ 59737

In 3rd place, 25 Traits

Princess Tiaret ID ~ 2716

Eye and Ears Category 

In 1st place. 16 Traits

Lilith Hyun ID ~ 130352

In 2nd Place, 15 Traits (4 Way Tie)

JaydenAlexis Resident ID ~ 117875

Zeva Firecaster ID ~ 108456

hendrik2103 Resident ID ~ 127795

Alexis Fairlady ID ~ 126971

In 3rd place, 14 Traits (2 Way Tie)

Rayven Avalira ID ~ 116839

Fee Lefevre ID ~ 117376

Tails and Manes Category 

In 1st place, 12 Traits

0000TROUBLEMAKER0000 Resident ID ~ 135101

In 2nd place, 11 Traits

Shaniny Resident ID ~ 128908

In 3rd place, 10 Traits (4 Way Tie)

BabyPoopie Resident ID ~ 112416

Savannah82 Jarman ID ~ 103335

Shelbi Charman ID ~ 136285

nanagirl75 Resident ID ~ 138299

The OOAK Auction was won by Jica Batista.

Foxes are out

The Foxes have been released for sale today.  They are similar to the other Wild Dogs as they can share their food. The major difference is that they do not breed with the other wild dogs at this time. This is to allow the Fox breeders a chance to get their breeds established.

In addition to the Foxes being released, there are a few other products that were put out today.

The WK Den – this works great for small size animals such as the Fox, Lynx, and Ferrets for example as well as the small scales like Baby and Runt some Minis and Mynis.

WK Bunny Holes – These can be used with all the animals as there are spaces for them to sit near the bunny hole.  The bunny hole is for the WK Funny Friend Rabbits to run to when being chased by an animal.  They Foxes will use there dive in the hole animation to try to get at the Rabbits.

WK PinkBirdHouse – This can be used by any of the Funny Friends that have wings they do not go inside the house they will sit on the roof of it.

WK BirdHouseFountain  – This can be used by any of the Funny Friends that have wings they do not go inside the house they will sit on the roof of it and few other spots as well as drinks from the water.

Wild Mustang Fair Set Up

It is that time again. Fair set up is underway for the Wild Mustangs. This is your chance to show off your animal and let people see part of your line. We highly recommend entering all categories but remember you can only win in one of them.  This makes it possible for more people to win the food prizes up for grabs so until the judging is final you never know your animal could be on top.  Either way, it’s a great way to meet new breeders or just show off.

Little Varmint Results

This was a very small fair – we hope next time more will participate.  As several entered each category but could only win from one.

Overal Trait Category 

In 1st place with  43 Traits

Kechara Kirax ID ~ 18502

In 2nd place, 42 Traits

GeoOrion3 Resident ID ~ 18358

In 3rd place with 40 Traits 

AutumArchangel Resident ID ~ 15749

goldenhart Resident ID ~ 17543

Eye and Ears Category 

In 1st place. 20 Traits 

Fhederica Resident ID ~ 17861

In 2nd Place, 19 Traits

Erick Reardon ID ~ 15699

In 3rd place, with 18 points

Zeva Firecaster ID ~ 18131

Tails and Whiskers Category 

In 1st place, with 10 Traits

Tok Renilo ID ~ 15102

In 2nd place, 6 Traits

Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich) ID ~ 13745

Aura, Shine and Scale Category

In Ist place, 11 Traits

Ph0enix Nightfire ID ~ 18562