Bunny TryOut V2

These lions are out for only a limited time so make sure to get yours today. Like the Easter Bunny they will come and go faster then you think. On sale Until Wednesday AM the 20th.

In addition to the these Collector Edition Lions we have a sale on the ever handy Boosters to customize your breeding program. Stock up while they are on a sale.

Stop by the toy center today.

Something New

Elephant Update to 0.9.6 – This update has a change that will allow you to birth a Crate and set the food to Breed on the same day if you so choose to. The Happy will start to build the same day and the Heat will build on age 1. If all goes according to plan babies would arrive by age 8.

Something New for the Animesh Elephant –

This is for those of you that have the Clover Blanket or any of the offspring that could still pass a clover blanket. The Clover Blanket will have a chance from the morning of April 15th to morning of April 18th will have a chance to produce this Bunny Blanket Elephant Coat on any of the babies born from the mother during this time period.

St Patricks Day Animals

There are so many amazing things with each of these animals where should we begin.

Starting at the top of course the Dire Wolf introduces a new strain of fur so you can make as many blankets as you may want with this little one. The markings on the underside may change of course.

The Elephant has a similar situation she can pass her blanket on to other Elephants through an AB combination or she may pass a none blanket skin version of herself.

The Tiger while the Amur has been around for a long time with us we all love it. This one you’re going to want to keep in the low level range and work it up as we have put some very nice things for you to find. We wont spoil it for you by telling you what exactly. Those new crated Tigers have a lot of new traits as well you may want to pick up a mate for clover.

These new crates will last past when the St Patrick’s Day animals come down. The St. Patrick’s Day animals will be available until the end of Day. or the very early parts of tomorrow. 🙂

Just In Time

The luck of the Irish has arrived. Breeders are starting to discover newly introduced traits that have been scattered up and down the level range for all Big Cat species. We know you must be wondering where they may be and how you go about finding them. When we come up with a good hint that wont give it all away we will let you know.

In addition to new traits we have new Tigers in the crates for you. Will they have new traits of course they will. Not only do they have new traits they have a chance of producing a new trait.

Wait thats not all –

Clover will pull her parents from a random selection of the New Crated Tiger Parents.

Clover will only be around for a little while so make sure to catch her while she is here.

Will be available at the WK Main Region.

Elephants Have Arrived

The WK Elephants have been released. These are the first animesh animals that we have released. It was a month long Beta and our testers were fabulous at finding flaws. However we are all human if you happen to see something you think should be fixed let your CSR know and we will get it looked into right away. As always we love to hear from you and what we can do to make your WK Animals more.

You may find the elephants here.

WK Animesh

As we approach our 9th anniversary it is with lots of excitement that we bring you all up to speed on what the team has been working on. Animesh has hit the SL grid and while it is amazing and fun to work on it is unlike anything we have done to date. It was a struggle on deciding just what to do. Lets just say this is the first of what will be some very amazing animals. Animesh allows us to do those animals that the old styles just would not do nicely.

We decided on the African Elephant as the first animal to do.

We are very close to starting a beta test. If you sent a request watch out for a group invite. If you like to be in the beta contact Queenfeliena. We will be looking for testers that are familiar with the current WK Animals and the Portal. The Animals you test will not be kept the system will be cleared and reset before releasing. The time frame in testing may be altered from the live time frame. Live Discussions in the Beta Group for your feedback will encourage between the hours of 2 PM – 4 PM SLT or note cards sent to Queenfelinea at any time. We value you the feedback.

Just in time for the Holiday

The Mini Zebra are here for you to enjoy. Similar to the Mini Mustangs, they are able to breed with the EPH and the Mini Mustangs. Use the EPH to move the Mini Zebra Coats to the Zebras and the Zebra coats to Mini Zebras. Breeding combinations will be on the AB Look Up tool.

In addition to the Miniature Zebra we have a few new toys.

8 New Christmas Trees to choose from they will drop ornaments when your animals are near. Stop by and pick one up today. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/131/153/21

RFL Winter Expo

The RFL Winter Expo opens today and WK Wild Kajaera is happy to support them this year with sponsoring a full region.

We also have created some amazing animals for you.

There are also a a new Limited Edition Christmas Tree.


There are some on sale items as well.

Don’t miss the Stocking stuffer Hunt item it is located near Santa. 🙂

Mark your calendar for the WK RFL Auction

On Dec 7 11:30

This Auction will have at several Past LEs and CEs in it.