Big Cat Furs

As many of you are aware that the big cat furs come with a nose variation.

It is away to keep the furs interesting. Most of the furs are now considered exclusive, which means to get the fur with the next nose you simply have to breed the current nose. A new nose is like a brand new fur the trait points are unique to the fur. Even if it is the same base fur, keep that in mind as you look around secondary market when buying a Nepal~Black Nose wont have the same trait points as a Nepal~Coral Nose.

Introduced in December 2019 and Early January 2020

Some of these Bengal furs came in via the Winter Family Sweater Tiger while others came in Via Random Drop Level. The Random Drop level is being closely watched and after a certain period in order to keep the furs rare they will no longer enter in through the random drop but may continue to pass via ancestry.

This past holiday we did add to the 5th Anniversary Lions as well and have found extra furs in the lion that have still not been discovered. When looking around there are actually 3 – 5th Anniversary Lion furs waiting to be found, Glory, Suntan and Swan. We have been asked to let the community know when furs are active and where they are placed as they are not always placed in the higher levels. With such a range of levels we agree that it is too difficult to know where to breed when you don’t have a plan. You will be able to get Glory at Level 13 Swan at level 20 and Suntan at level 28, if you breed the 5th Anniversary Lion at or near that level. Big Cats pull in traits from 1 level above, 1 level below and the same level.

As with all our breeds just because this list is shown to have a top find at level 28 does not mean that it stops there. WK is always adding furs to the breeds and looking for ways to trickle them in when they are made.

Happy Valentines Day

Starting last evening the Random drop Valentines Day Eye “Glitter Hearts” started to drop.

“Glitter Sparkle”

In addition to the random Drop Eye this Valentines day we are putting out the Pregnancy Vitamins on a 2 for 1 special. The special will last until the end of the month. Sold from the sales kiosk only.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner and we here at WK have some wonderful treats for you to surprise that special someone.

We have new heart inspired toys. These toys will trigger different behaviors in the animals. Adding to their adorable animations.

For the Horse Lover we have a beautifully shaved King of Hearts Mustang in a Bay strain for you to add to your breeding line. The Shaved coat does not pass it self but will if the selected winning coat pass a beautiful silvery Bay. The King of Hearts also introduces new tails and mane coloring.

Whether you buy one or none we want to wish all of you a very happy week. We have a few more surprises for you later in the week.

Birthday Wild Dog

This Wild Dog introduces a new strain and several new leg sets. Furs will pass new versions. The Dire Wolf comes in either Male or Female and has different parents which makes more NEW traits to pass into your lines.

In addition to the new Wild Dogs we have a New Bath Tub for the animals to use. The tub works with all but the Little Varmints.

Birthday Big Cat

First time appearing as the Birthday cat is the original US Jaguar with brand NEW Exclusive Furs and Eyes. These animals can introduce 3 new furs into your breeding and 4 new eyes if you get both the male and the female.

The cats sitting atop the sign are a set of parents for you to see.

Also just released is the beloved skateboard in a copper design.

and were not done yet so stay tuned.

Birthday Mustang

It’s been 7 years since WK started its brand of innovative breedable animals. These are some of the first of the Birthday Editions that are coming out.

The Birthday Mustang has a loaded background of animals too many wonderful things to mention but they are all out on display in the coral.

New Version for the Wild Mustang is released 1.8.891 in this release the training issues of having to sync before training is fixed.

Dark Spotted Leopard

New Strain Color – Dark Spotted Leopard

The way to get this horse coat is through that wonderful option of A + B = C. Mixing the right coats in the mom and dad you will add a chance of the offspring being this beautiful coat.

Seal Brown + Few Spotted Leopard = Dark Spotted Leopard – Dark Nose

Few Spotted Leopard + Liver Chestnut = Dark Spotted Leopard – Star

Bay + Few Spotted Leopard = Dark Spotted Leopard – WideBlaze

New Trees

Big Cats have always loved to climb the trees. We have several from the Biggest the Cat Hangout Tree, to the Little tree. While the Little Tree is good for small scale animals there has not been much in between until now.

These new trees are on display at the main WK Sim so you can see there size.