March Madness 2019

Are you Competitive? Do you Like Role Play Battles? Racing?
Role Play Battle: You need to get to the Wild Dog battle classes on Saturday at 1:00 PM SLT
Starting in March WK will host 2 Different type of Arena Events. >>
→→Battle: Open to Wild Dogs→ Wolf OR Fox- battle next to you against A Battle Dummy OR against another Contestant, and their Wild Dog. The last one standing wins. It could be YOU, or your Wild Dog.
→→Racing: You can race any WK Animal you can ride.
The races that WK runs, will be determined by who registers.
(Big Cats against Big Cats, or mixed will have to wait and see).


→→ How to Register; Register by placing a note in the big mail box on WKU
Change the name of the Note Card from New Note to – (fill in with your own information) Your Avatar Name/Type Battle or Race.
avatars name (not the one that you can change)
FOR BATTLE → which type of contest (dummy or contestant) and type of WK WildDog ID and name. List all WK Wild Dogs you wish to compete with. You may Battle more than one time but only one animal per battle. If your animal dies you battle on alone.
FOR RACE → Type of animal you wish to race, and it’s name and specie.

Full Battle rules :
Avatar & Wild Dog, must be registered before the event.
Register if you will battle another person on the battle dummy.
(each contestant and WildDog will fight a Battle Dummy, whoever kills the dummy first wins.)
One WildDog per battle
If your WildDog dies you fight alone.
Last one standing wins, be it the Avatar or the WildDog
SpellFire battle meter only.
You must use a WK WildDog or be disqualified.
ANY drama and you are Disqualified. The Judges are the law.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL our breeders. It has been a wonderful year so far and while we have been very active. We have randomly dropping in eyes for all animals.

One species gets a special eye randomly dropping in.

We also have another in the Toy Bear Series

In addition to the bears we are running a one day sale on the Love Potion for all animals while we show Jaguars in the sign it will work for the animals that the sign is in front of at the WKU Sim.

We hope you all have a wonderful day full of LOVE.

Big Cat Update

Big Cats get an update to version 3.0.0. In this update your Big Cats get a bit smarter hard to believe they can learn anything more but they have. They can now see with out the added scripts a physical prim and walk over it just like an avatar instead os sinking into it. They no longer need to be set to skybox so this option has been removed. The updaters if you have one are available in an updated version via MOOG and you still have the updated MOOG versions of the boxes themselves. Choose which ever manner you like to update but you will want to make sure to get them updated.

Happy Birthday WK

WK Celebrates 6 years today. We officially released our animals 6 years ago of course not all on the same day. The Big Cats have continued to develop and learn new things through out the years. They play with more toys they interact with each other in new and exciting ways when allowed to roam around.

This year the BIG CAT Birthday animal is a Cheetah and it is the first time a Cheetah has been used as the Birthday CE. The CE offers you 3 exclusive furs, and 3 exclusive eyes. Exclusive meaning that they will not come in randomly and will only come from the CE that has them in their ancestry. If they trait passes on to the next animal the trait will continue to move through the line than as any other trait does. You can pass the traits on to other Big Cat Species.

The Cheetah is a Mammoth of a CAT with its Brand NEW Scale.

You can get yours here

Feel free to choose the sex of the cat you want. 🙂

Upcoming Classes

For the upcoming week we have a few classes you might be interested in.

Wild Mustang <<<5 PM on Thursday If you would like to know the ins and outs of training your WILD MUSTANGs. Then this is the class for you. This is a two part class on training Parts, Part 1 – Pre training and then a follow up class the second week on Part 2 -Skill Training
taught by Rhyssa

Everything WK Basics <<<11 AM Saturday 101 basics and breeding taught by jaed Cartier This class covers the basic about the animals and their menus and has a question section to answer your questions.

Wild Dogs Role Play <<<1 PM Saturday Wild Dog Role Play (RP) battle training, Saturday at KopiLuwak This class will show you how to train your wild dogs for listening to you and commands.

All classes are taught in the WKU Classroom located at;

A few of our favorites ….

They may have been out for a while but we wanted to reintroduce some of our favorite animal items to you and tell you a bit about them.

Toys will expand your animals animations, each of these toys will add animations unique to your animals as they use them that may other wise might not be seen.

There are many more toys that you can choose your own favorites these are just a few of ours. Stop by the Toy Center to see them all.

If you have Mustangs or Ferrets make sure to check out there store locations as they have some items that will only work with those species.

New Habitat Areas

New Habitats are out for sale at the WKU. These 2 Habitats were both designed by Darkstone Aeon. One is a Waterfall with a pool area surrounded by a small tree and some tall grass. The other is a Rock Pond with a water feature in the middle. Both have several sleeping spots for the animals. There are two ways in which you can use them in your landscape for your animals to enjoy, or as a restricted habitat to keep your animals with in a certain area if you use the Habitat feature in the Motion Menu. Menu>Motion>Range>In Habitat.

Check them out in person at the WKU.

Located at;
Located at;

Once you rezz your habitat out you will want to lower them into the ground a bit or platform if your using them in the air. Once you have them in the position you want them in you will need to hit Add this will then allow the animals that are rezzed to see it. If you take it up or move it make sure to hit Remove or the animals will not know its gone. :))