WK Hares

The WK Hares are ready for release they are available at the WKU Sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/205/139/21

These little Hares will capture heart as you watch them grow. The look forward to exploring the habitat areas you create for them.  

Ferrets Make New Friends

Ferrets Welcome a new friend

Many of you are aware that the Ferrets have been getting ready to welcome a new set of friends. Now these friends are similar but at the same time a bit strange to our furry little friends.  The Ferrets do not want to mate with them but welcome them to the food dish to share a meal.  

The Little Varmint Hares are a level based breedable that will start off with a level 1, 2 or 3 in the crate.  Traits will come in randomly based on the level it is near.  You can see the traits that we have to start off with under the “What is a trait?” section of the blog. We will continue to add to them as time goes on. 

The Hares are well animated and can do many things similar to their other WK Family Members they can hop, fast hop, swim, stand up play with one another. Heads will move and ears will twitch they are very animated for being so small. These motions can be seen as soon as they are born. Hares can even be carried in the walk feature on your shoulder or hop along side of you.

The Hares are out on display at the Little Varmint store at WKU and will be out for sale as soon as final checks are finished.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/204/139/21  

They look forward to making more new friends with you.  

WK WarPaint Mustangs

Just in time for the Holidays for all our Mustang Lovers.  

Check them out in the coral at WKU http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/172/62/21

These are very special animals only available for a limited time.  All traits are able to pass on to their offspring.

Lots of new traits in the parents and grandparents as well. 

Getting Ready

WK has set up some photo spots around the WKU sim.

Happy Holidays 

We encourage you to bring your family and friends for group photos.  Our elf crew is busy putting the final touches on the special animals that will be releasing this holiday season.

Autumn Fair Big Cat Results

As the final fair the Big Cats that were on display were just amazing. Well done to the breeders. The Big Cats are a very diverse group of animals.

The Male Lions seem to have a added advantage with the extra Mane traits so we did decide to break them off and award them se  separately from the other total Trait Cats.

Total Trait Male Lions –

First Place – with 60 Traits

  • 1968 Charger RT (68RTLover Resident) – ID 2158829

Second Place – with 57 Traits

  • ღÞëŤαlღ (petal77 Resident) – ID 2172480

Third Place – with 53 Traits 

  • MyLush Resident – ID 216967

Total Trait Big Cats

First Place – with 52 Traits

  • Mahi Al’s Lioness (thakurain Resident) – ID 2179183

Second Place – with 51 Traits

  • Mensa (NGC1512 Resident) – ID 2171666

Third Place – with 47 Traits 

  • Pσσρiearie Pιχєℓѕ (BabyPoopie Resident) – ID 2146553

  • THE ORIGINAL PAPPA DOC (Tinman Merlin) – ID 2131798

Total Trait Hybrid Big Cats

First Place – with 63 Traits

  • Źєρʀøи MçMîøи (Zepron Resident) – ID 2092574

Second Place – with 62 Traits

  • Aℓєχιѕ Tigerfish (Alexis Fairlady) – ID 1604090

Third Place – with 61 Traits 

  • Jirra Gamai (CyberGod Fafler) – ID 2171904

Highest combined traits in Fur, Eyes and Teeth

First Place – with 28 Traits

  • JustA ДξĢ (JustAScreenName Resident) – 2154133

  • Kate (Jovannah Smit) – ID 2151624

Second Place – with 27 Traits

  • Ƭσк Ƒαℓℓєη (Tok Renilo) – ID 2154015

  • ϯϾΛTϯ (Chatte Ocello) – ID 2159955

Third Place – with 26 Traits 

  • Tommy (TommyBoy Eternal) – ID 2128945

  • ღNαɲα Çαгȋɲȼ™ღ (nanagirl75 Resident) – ID 2169810

Highest combined traits in Ear, Whisker and Shine

First Place – with 13 Traits

  • Naz (naazo Resident) – ID 2178748

Second Place – with 12 Traits

  • Raggedy (RaggedyMortis Haystack) – ID 1869517

Third Place – with 11 Traits 

  • Kyndyl D’Morgann (Kody Morgwain) – ID 2110620

Highest combined traits in Glow, Tail and Scale

First Place – with 14 Traits

  • Shiney (Shaniny Resident) – ID 2173530

Second Place – with 13 Traits

  • Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich) – ID 1791440

Third Place – with 10 Traits 

  • Willie Frangilli – ID 2177123

  • Aneesh Sittingbull (xcoticbeauty Amat) – ID 2178870

Once again some really pretty cats were on display.  Can’t wait to see what comes to the next fair in springtime or early summer.


Wild Dog Autumn Fair Results

The Wild Dog Fair had some amazing animals in it and it was a joy to see them all.  We had several repeat winners but as they can only win in one category it did allow for more winners with not as high.

The Winning results are.

In with a Complete Leg Set are;

First Place 

  • Aros Armsted (Kyle24680 Resident) ID – 244928

Second Place

  • Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich) ID – 245874
  • Fhederica Resident ID – 237684

Third Place

  • Jirra Gamai (CyberGod Fafler) ID -246112
  • Tia Armsted (Princess Tiaret) D 220261

Wolf Total Traits

First Place 

  • uиα Ɓℓεѕѕεđ αđεѕ (LisaLisa Galaxy) ID – 247586
  • ღBlueIceWayaღƝƖƓӇƬƑƖƦЄღ (BlueIceWaya Xeltentat) ID – 245935

Second Place

  • Pσσρiearie Pιχєℓѕ (BabyPoopie Resident) ID -244222

Third Place

  • Ƭσк Ƒαℓℓєη (Tok Renilo) ID – 235293
  • Misery Carter ID – 243134

Fox Total Traits

First Place 

  • Ąυէυɱ Ąяçђąŋɠєℓ (AutumArchangel Resident) ID – 247254

Second Place

  • ღNαɲα Çαгȋɲȼ™ღ (nanagirl75 Resident) ID – 245548

Third Place

  • Kyndyl D’Morgann (Kody Morgwain) ID – 240646

Eye, Scale and Tail Highest Trait

First Place 

  • 1968 Charger RT (68RTLover Resident) ID – 246369

Second Place

  • LαSσмвяα C. DαшпHεαят (SomberKnight Resident) ID – 244731

  • Dҽҽ ƑąӀӀҽղ (Sunndee1 Resident) ID – 246665

Third Place

  • Devin McKenzie (goldenhart Resident) ID – 169543

Teeth, Tongue and Ears Highest Trait

First Place 

  • Leia (LoreleiLynn Easterwood) ID – 234286

Second Place

  • Shiney (Shaniny Resident) ID 242007

Third Place

  • Wolfy Knight (WolfyKnight1042 Resident) ID – 244266


Congratulations to all.

Little Varmints Fair Results are IN

We had a wonderful turn out for the Little Varmint Ferrets.

Highest Overall Trait Total Winners are;

In First Place

  • Devin McKenzie (goldenhart Resident) ID ~ 19237

  • apture Ɗžugi (Kechara Kirax) ID ~ 18246

In Second Place

  • Zeva Ɲσɓʃε (Zeva Firecaster) ID ~ 20427

In Third Place

  • Ph0enix ƝƖƓӇƬƑƖƦЄ (Ph0enix Nightfire) ID ~ 20407

Eyes, EyeGlow, Whiskers and Scale Winners are;

In First Place 21 Traits

  • ღBlueIceWayaღƝƖƓӇƬƑƖƦЄღ (BlueIceWaya Xeltentat) ID ~ 20642

In Second Place 18 Traits

  • Erick Reardon Christian (Erick Reardon) ID ~ 20153

In Third Place 17 Traits

  • Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich) ID ~ 20415

  • Earl Rodenberger ID ~ 18460

Ears, Aura, and Tail.

In First Place 19 Traits

  • Raggedy (RaggedyMortis Haystack) ID ~ 20702

In Second Place 15 Traits 

  • Ƭσк Ƒαℓℓєη (Tok Renilo) ID ~ 19812

In Third Place 14 Traits

  • Eagleflight Sittingbull (EagleFlight Sittingbull) ID ~ 19205

Thank you to all who took part.

WK Little Varmint Fair Set Up

With the fair set up under way we have also set up a Hay MAZE.   The Hay Maze has a challenge for you to see if you can find ALL the hidden items inside of it.

We also have set out a commemorative Autumn Fair Bear.  

Set up for the Little Varmints our beloved ferrets is under way please have your ferrets in place by 8 PM SLT tonight.

In addition we have a lovely Breeders Challenge area for any one who wanted to participate in the Breeders Challenge and show off your breeding ability.