Wild Dog Sanctuary

The WK Sanctuary area has been overdue for a update and new additions. We will be updating all of the WK Sanctuary Stores in the coming weeks but the first to be updated is the Wild Dog Sanctuary. There are lots of items for you to spoil your Wild Dogs.

We have also released two new Animals which introduce a NEW Exclusive Strain. A Melanistic Silver Fox and a Blue Gray Alaskan Gray Wolf. These strains will not come in randomly so if you want them in your breeding genetics save your SPV points and get one before they are gone.

Teleport to the Wild Dog Sanctuary

Wild Dog 2.6.2 Update

This is the update you all have been waiting for. The Wild Dogs now can breed with each other and pass traits from any of the wolves to the fox or fox to any of the wolves.

The 2.6.2 update does have the Fox tail shape in the Wolves so you will want to make sure to update them as well as having the wolf tail shapes in the fox. In order to make sure the right natural tail got to the right animal the tail shapes had to get a name adjustment if you have a Natural tail in the Wolves it is now called Flair and if you have a Natural tail in the Fox it is now called Fox. The size of the tail will have the Flair or Fox in front of the size.

The furs will not pass among the species they are species specific.

A hybrid is in the plan for a future update but the shape is still under development.