Cat update 1.0.0_3

Sack 1.6.0

This is a cat update that includes

This update has a reconnect button in the cats menu. If you see on Mywildkingdom.com that one of your cats has become inactive, You can go to that cat and touch the reconect button. This will re-activate the cat, without re rezzing.

The second part of the update is sacks. This part is a mandatory update. Please get the ID # from any sacks you have on your land or all the sacks in your Mywildkingdom.com dashboard and go to MOOG.

Sellers make sure to sell updated sacks ~ Buyers DO NOT buy any sack with the cub_main script lower than 1.6.5. Cats birthed from sacks lower the 1.6.5 will not be seen by the Magical Map

The third part of this update, introduces a new item for out cats. Magic Map.
Magic Map is a prim item you can place on your land to keep track of your cats, and balls.
You can see the dots of each cat with its name above it. You can TP to the cat or send it home. This will be for sale in the stores by end of day. Be ready for it by updating all cats, and sacks.



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