WK Magic Map

WK Magic Map

WK Magic Map

This is a tool to help you find your cats when they are doing what cats do best, which is being hard to find. Simply rezz the Magic Map out, and it will start to find the cats on your sim that belong to you. If you wish to see the animals on the sim rezzed under group, click the map, get the menu then change owner to group. Its that easy.

Which cats do you want to view;
Click the map background to get the menu > one button toggles between Owner and Group

If you would like to call a cat home, click the ball of the cat you want to come to its home point, get the menu, then click home – both the owner and the keeper of the cat can use this function.

If you have the map out in a Market area any one can use the tp function.

If you would like to go see where they might be hiding click the tp option. This will give you a message in local chat that says

“Sit on the ball to go to the selected destination”

then right click the ball with the cat you want to go to and sit and you will arrive in the area that the cat was last reported to.

Maps refresh every 30 seconds.

If you change the maps position hit the refresh button.

Allow at least 2 minutes for the map to find all the cats.

Works with cats 1.0.0_3 or higher
and Balls with Ball script 1.5

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