The wait is OVER

The tigers are officially out and roaming around on the grid. It was a great release day. Yes, we had a minor glitch on the vendor but we were able to get everyone sorted as quickly as possible. Thank you all who had a delay in delivery.

The Tiger Breed that was released was the Amur or Siberian, these tigers can be found in the real world in a very small population in Russia. They are the largest of all the Cat Spices and we have done the best of our ability to make it look and sound and move much like they would in the real world.

Cats in crates were going out to breeders just as fast as they could possibly buy them. The greatest part is the surprise that people have when they realize that our cats that come from the vendors have Parents and Grandparents. We have taken the time to give them history there were several WOW surprises. A few of the Tigers that were born yesterday had these traits; pre historic teeth, fang teeth, long or extra long whiskers, the ears varied as well and of course the furs. The furs ranged from Level 1 – Level 3. Many have asked about the whites and yes the whites are on out there. Two of the grandparents have the white furs and in most of our tests we found a 1 in 5 chance of getting a white.

There are many fun things to do with the cats, like the cats before the tigers. Swimming is high on the cats list of amusement. They love to lounge around,or climb trees just to hang out. They are constantly on the move and seldom hold still once there legs get the strength to move. We know that first day is a long one watching them build up there muscles and figure out what life has to offer. Soon enough however they are off and running.

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