Safari Hunt Starts Today

Today the Safari Hunt gets under way and this is a very exciting hunt for us. The hunt is put on by us to feature all the amazing markets and store locations that have set up around the Second Life world.  We have winter, beach, hut, ruins, downtown themed and many more for you to wander around and find the your prizes.  Prizes maybe easy to find some may be hard to find some gifts are put out by our sponsors but most have been put out by WK. We have small prizes to big prizes to make it worth your while for paying your entry fee.  In the Hunt your looking for a small paw print in various colors.  You may find some non touchable ones out there but the touching ones will give you a prize.  If you have a problem with a paw print feel free to ask in our group or to contact the hunt admin through the IM admin button.  Jaed is out hunting expert she will be in group today to help you all out but being your probably not the first person with the question don’t feel shy ask away.

pawprint-yellow pawprint-orange pawprint copy-Fusha

In addition to the hunt starting we are also bringing out a new toy for the cats  WK Funky Fish

The WK Funky  work in sl water or our prim water.  You simply rezz them over the water and set there range and turn them on they will dive under the water and swim around .  Our cats can be asked to fish which they will do about 50% of the time when asked or they will detect them on there own. The fish will let any cats fish them and then jump back in to the water to be fished again so you have no dead fish to clean up off your shores.  Would like to thank Mac Bongo for sending in these pictures.

They start by diving for there fish.

They start by diving for there fish.

Dinner Time

Then they bring dinner back to shore.

Once they tell you they found it they set it down.

Once they tell you they found it they set it down.

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