WK Sanctuary ~

Sanctuary is a reward system that is put in place to keep the market balanced.  It is a known fact that we don’t always gets the cub we want. The markets can only handle so much before breeders get frustrated and don’t know what to do.  By sending an animal off to WK Sanctuary your able to earn points, which we will call SPV.  The SPV points can be used on items ranging from toys for your cats to boosters or even a Sanctuary animal.

The First Limited Edition ~ 

The first of the WK Sanctuary animals will be a Jaguar, being that was the first of our cats to come out.  The furs is restricted it will not pass to its offspring.  The other traits that come with the cat however can.

Here is a sneak peak at the first cat to be brought out through the Sanctuary.  The system is now under testing to make sure that things work as we expect them.  We have a live example of the cat roaming around on the Canadian Country Lane Sim.  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Canadian%20Country%20Lane/175/74/21

WK Sanctuary cat


How are points figure ~

Sanctuary points are calculated based on the animals age and traits that is has. The older a cat it is the more of a reward it will bring.  Other traits have a bonus built in for having them regardless of the level. If a cat is level 1 but has super long whiskers it may be worth more then a higher level fur  because of that special trait.

If you want to be able to see what a cat is worth we have a SPV calculator on your dashboard of the Portal area so you don’t have to look over charts and try to figure out what it is worth.  This number will change of course if you have been feeding the cat meaning it is age.  As the cat ages it gains points.

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