Have heard us use this “BACA”?

BACA is a acronym for Boosters aren’t cat abuse.

We offer many different types of boosters for you to customize your cat experience.

Booster are a one time use product where you as the owner can effect numbers in the stats of your animal.  A list of all the items and what they do you can find these at any of the stores on the Booster sign.


(400) WK Snack bowl – will reduce a cats Hunger stat by 10 points for 75L’s

(410) WK Elixir of Happiness – will increase a cats Happy stat by 10 points for 200L’s

(420) WK Jar of LOVE Potion – will increase a cats Heat stat by 10 points for  500L’s

(430) WK Bowl of milk – will increase a cats Boost 3 Hunger, Happy and Heat stat by 10 points each for 500L’s

(490) WK WK Hour Glass of Moxie – will increase a cats Moxie stat by 5 points for  25L’s

(440) WK Healing Cream Bowl -will encourage you cat to start eating again if it has reach 100 in the hunger stat 250L’s

(450) WK Pregnancy Vitamins – will increase a cats Pregnancy by 10 points can be used when a cats pregnancy is between 10 and 90 1,000L’s

(460) C-Section Bed can be give at a pregnancy of 90 for those who just cant wait to see the cubs 1,000Ls

(470) Bottle of Ooopsie  This is for the time when you forget to uncouple a cat and it gets pregnant and you really didn’t want it too. 1,000L’s

(480) Forever Pet  If you no longer want to have to feed a cat. If you want to turn breeding back on you can you do lose the Forever Pet benefit but it is kind of nice to know that you can reverse it. Moxie still counts on the animal so you can see the age and know it is in good communication with the server.    2,500L’s


What ever you might think about Boosting it is just meant for you to be able to have some choice in how your cat experience is played.

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