RFL Breedable Fair starts this Weekend

2013 RFL BREEDABLES FAIR @ THE H&G EXPO – 5/24 – 6/2

Many of you may know about the great effort that all the breedable companies come together to put on a fair. We all will offer a limited edition breedable for sale and NONE of the sales will come to us this will all go to RFL -Relay for Life and the fight against cancer.

RFL Limited Edition

We will have this beauty of a tiger up for donation

~ Animal Details ~
Version ~ 1.1.92
ID ~
Name ~ LE RFL 2013
Gender ~ This will be Random male or female
Species ~ Tiger
Breed ~ RFL 2013
Scale ~ Large
Fur ~ 100 years of Hope
Fur Level ~ Limited Edition
Right Eye ~ Believe
Left Eye ~ Believe
Right Ear ~ Curved Big
Left Ear ~ Bent Big
Tail ~ Long
Teeth ~ Prehistoric
Whisker ~ Extra Long
Glow ~ NONE
Shine ~ 0
Litters ~ 0

Close up RFL Limited Edition

We will send out notices to the event hope to see you all there.

They will have a hunt and ONE of a Kind Auctions as well. We hope to grow the Big Cat community  as well as help raise funds for a very worthy cause.

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