Care and Feeding of your WK Big Cats

Care and Feeding of your WK Big Cats

With proper care and feeding your WK Wild Kingdom cats will live a very long time. However it is possible an animal may die due to owner neglect. Animals will only eat their owners food and the food type they are set to.

If an animal is set to breeding food but no breeding food is available, the animals hunger will increase by 10 points a feeding or 20 points a day. The same is true if your animal is on pet food. If an animal begins to get hungry, its hover text will turn yellow. This is the first clue an animal is becoming distressed (version 1.1.92 or higher). If the food type becomes available the animal will begin to recover on its own.

If an animal reaches 100 hunger it’s hover text will turn red (all versions) and the animal will become sick. The animal will no longer eat even if food becomes available. Once an animal becomes sick it’s hunger will increase by 1 point a feeding or 2 points a day. The owner will have 30 days to heal the animal or the animal will be sent to the great sanctuary in cyberspace and will no longer be recoverable. No sanctuary points will be earned for neglected animals.

Healing Cream bowls are available at all WK Wild Kingdom store locations to heal sick animals.

2 thoughts on “Care and Feeding of your WK Big Cats

  1. i have a sick tiger she is very special to me and i have giving her a bowl of cream but still sick i got her catnip and she has eaten some of that ,but no food why

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